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Post by Rob » Wed Sep 08, 2021 7:07 pm

Interesting article on the design of the BMW i range posted up on their design blog here:


What makes BMW i design stand out?
“Visually, the BMW i3 was a big step forward, too big for some people. But it was important for us to press ahead with our groundbreaking thinking,” explains Kai Langer today. “We’re taking a less drastic approach with other models in order to get the people on board who don’t like the futuristic look.” Kai Langer calls this “soft transformation” and cites the new BMW i4 as a good example of what this can look like.

“At first glance, the BMW i4appears to be a classic Gran Coupé, but the familiar design is complemented by carefully selected and very discreet BMW i elements with futuristic technology in the interior,” explains Kai Langer. “This is particularly important for long-standing customers and fans of the brand, plus it makes the step from a fuel burner to an electric car much easier.” Even though the designs of the BMW i3 and BMW i4 are worlds apart, they are still members of the same family – which is growing all the time. But what exactly makes the design of this family stand out?

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