BMW i4 M50 charging and range issues

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A month ago I bought an i4 M50 and since day one have been having charging issues.

At home I have a professionally installed OHME 7.5kw charger and the electricity supplier is OVO using their 'Charge anytime'.

When using the app and trying to set the time for charging it seems OK but then 10 minutes later the app re-sets itself with completely arbitrary charging and departure times, sometimes several days ahead.

The other night I had several goes at setting it up and after these unexplained changes continued gave up when it came up with the unhelpful message 'something went wrong'.

Surprisingly, the next morning it was actually charging and eventually stopped at 100% but with a 256 miles range.

Two questions:

1 BMW advertise the range at 316 miles. I know that once started this will change depending on driving mode, lights, heater etc but I did expect it to start at somewhere near 300 at 100%.
2 Does anyone else experience charging problems similar to mine?

All I want to do is plug in the car overnight and be confident that the next day I will 'have a full tank (80%)'.

All help appreciated on this.

Many thanks Phil

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