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Just took delivery of my new company car, an i4 eDrive40 in Dravit grey. Had beemers before but this is my first dip into all electric. When picking it I selected as high a spec as I could including the comfort pack. Got to say I'm VERY impressed with it so far and it's a proper head turner. My boy racing days are long behind me but I'm blown away by how quick it is!
Ordered it in July 2023, delivered early Jan 2024 so not too bad really.


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Hi there peesee,
Good luck with the new i40. I’ve had mine over eighteen months and absolutely love it although as a pensioner I’m much more of a steady driver these days ( although did plenty of stage rallying in my middle years so I know how to drive quickly and crash even quicker)
Driven at legal motorway speeds the car ( well mine does) is well capable of 350 miles range in summer ( approx 4.2 miles per kWh) but drops to just over 200 on an average winters day. I’ve just been through the mileage per kWh in the menus and have 3.5 under the ‘ total mileage’ reading so well happy. One of the benefits is the car heater pushing out heat in winter much, much quicker than an ice car.
The uk forums don’t provide that much info on the I 40 but the world wide ( especially North America and Canada have plenty ‘ user driven’ info if you get stuck with anything
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